SWS Teaching Kit

SWS Teaching Kit.

Teacher’s Kits

To facilitate using stone walls in the K-8 curriculum we developed 20 copies of a Teacher’s Kit to facilitate instruction.  Each consisted of a lockable briefcase with these objects inside:

  • collection of seven stones encountered by Grampa and Adam.
  • card linking each specimen to its proper name and to the corresponding image in the book (on one side), and giving information about each specimen (on the other).
  • Related materials, including
    • a photo of the first author when she was four years old sitting on a stone wall,
    • a letter from the stone mason with an address from which an answer will come (like a letter to Santa Claus)
    • a magnifying glass, a magnetic compass, and f arm animals, just for fun.

As of May 25, 2005, fifteen of the kits were accounted for.

  • Boy Scouts of America, Connecticut (1 copy, April 2005)
  • 4-H Nature Center at Auer Farm (University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension (1 copy; May, 2005)
  • Montessori School of Greater Hartford (1 copy, May 2005)
  • Greenwich Public Schools – Advance Learning Program (“Enrichment”) (2 copies; April 2005)
  • West Hartford Public Schools (4 copies, May, 2005)
  • Stone Wall Initiative Learning Center (1 copy, available for on-site use)
  • Neag School of Education (4 copies)
  • Dept. of Geology, University of Vermont (Paul Bierman; 1 copy March, 2005)

Since then, we’ve lost track of them.  If you find one, keep it in circulation.

M Layout Old&NewWalls
Old and new walls parallel to each other and a birdhouse. Which wall do you think the birds prefer?


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