SWI2-Ph GreenFenceJamesT
The green stone, bright yellow lichen, and spike-stones are clues to the location of this wall in Jamestown, Rhode Island. The mineral chlorite is green, the lichen likes salt air, and the spikes guard ocean-front property.

One cannot understand historical New England without also understanding the story of its stone walls.  Hence, I offer this resource page to help bring anyone up to speed.

  • If you are a complete novice, I suggest starting with the primer.
  • If reading is your thing, try one of the many books on stone walls.
  • For internet sites,  cruise through this one and link to the websites of other organizations and people.
  • If you’re looking for something to do, why not attend a workshop, programs, or talk.
  • Learning about stone walls by building one is an excellent way to get introduced to the subject.
SWI2-Ph Hist-WarOfficeMedMed
The “War Office” in Lebanon, CT, where meetings were held to plan the campaign of the American Revolution. Such walls were normal then and now.