SWI2-Ph ShermanPostWall
How the the minerals, plants, and animals influence this scene?

Stone walls can be approached from any of the classic fields of science.  For an activity, you might take a group of students to a wall and ask them these questions:

  • Physics:  Why do walls stand up so quietly? Answer: Force balance, friction, and mass.
  • Chemistry:  Why do stones look different on the outside? Answer: weathering from naturally acid rain, organic contributions.
  • Ecology:  What lives in stone walls? Answer: chipmunks, amphibians, snakes and “trolls.” The plants are very different too.
  • Geology:  Where did the stones come from? Answer: glaciation and ancient mountain building.

If this is an indoor activity, use one of the photos on this website.

How many specific habitats can you see?


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