M Life Daffodils
Landscape architects and gardening clubs have shown considerable interest in stone walls because the “hardscape” is so important to their endeavors.



  • Local community groups, generally historical societies, land trusts, environmental non-profits, friends-of (libraries, parks, museums) organizations, and garden clubs.  Owing to excess demand, he generally accepts those that are either co-sponsored with several groups, or those that are annual meetings.
  • Regional, state, and national meetings of educators, conservation agencies or historical societies, typically those searching for a keynote lecture for a meeting.
  • Schools and Parent-teacher organizations in support of schools, typically for a content talk on some aspect of the New England landscape involving stone walls.
  • Book groups and writers groups interested in the creative process of writing and speaking.
  • Academic seminars and colloquia at the college level.


SS Mansized
A “macho” wall. The diameters of these boulders is larger than this man (left of center in blue shirt) is tall.