Coordinator Robert M. Thorson asking an assembly of four third-grade classrooms if they have a stone wall on their property of nearby? Virtually all hands went up enthusiastically. An image from ‘Stone Wall Secrets’ is on the smartboard.

Kids of all ages love stone walls.  Exploring them in your backyard, on a favorite trail, or in school is certainly a more authentic experience than any video game. Link to:

  • On Your Own  to explore a variety of ways to learn more.
  • Primer  to get down to the fundamentals.
  • School Programs  to jump right ahead to classroom activities.
  • Public Programs  to explore the possibility of arranging a lecture or guided hike, or
  • Events  to check what might be happening near you.


Rocks and minerals in wall at Perham’s Rock Shop, ME. Sadly, the store closed.