Photo of exhibit about Machu Picchu at Yale’s Peabody Museum showing stonework that resembles many walls in New England, even though there was no contact between these two cultures whatsoever.



  • Historical overview of the regional phenomenon covering why ubiquitous stone walls are generally restricted to New England, and the complex history of when and why they were built. The principal source is Stone by Stone.
  • Geographical overview of the regional phenomenon emphasizing how attributes of the walls change, and why particular places are special.  The principal source is Exploring Stone Walls.
  • Natural history of stone walls, meaning how they had to happen as a consequence of human ecology during the agricultural era, and how that consequence influences the present ecology. I suggest you visit the Connecticut State Museum of Natural History or the Fischer Museum of Forestry at Harvard Forest.
  • Interdisciplinary Education at all grade levels. Link to School Enrichment 


SS ColorWall
Polychome wall in southwestern Vermont.