Though no stone walls are pictured, they fall into the same artistic category of folk art.



  • Public lectures, typically evening talks on regularly scheduled monthly or annual meetings, or afternoon talks on the weekends.  The expectation is anywhere upward of about 40 attendees. Typically the talks generate between about 80-200 attendees.
  • Book readings, usually in public libraries,
  • Interpretive hikes, usually to walk through a property with a group to learn more about its walls.  Groups of about 20 are ideal, though he has run hikes for up to 150 people.
  • Classroom visits on school properities.
  • Workshops, usually for teachers or employees or organizations
  • School visits, usually with a public presentation to an entire grade (or two), followed by classroom visits complete with demonstrations.


M Cute RustyBarbWireWall
Two disfunctional fences, one after the other. The cedar (or chestnut) post might outlast the wall.