My Half



SWI2-Ph HangingWalling
This wall was mined from one side by a neighbor, causing collapse and leaving the boulder stranded in mid-air.



The photo above  shows one of the most absurd pro-bono consulting situations I’ve ever seen.  It all started when Neighbor “X” took their half of a wall on a property line when Neighbor “Z” was away.  Of course, the remainder of the wall collapsed back in the direction of Neighbor “X” because the lateral support had been removed in that direction.    When Neighbor “Z” filed a legal complaint, Neighbor “X” said they didn’t take any stone.  “Then why is the boulder floating in the air?” I asked.  Clearly, it had formerly marked the top of the shared abutting wall before the root of a tree grew around it.   I don’t know how this was ever resolved.